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The Big Man Comes Through

Thank God for Michael Moore. Yes, occasionally he can be a self-promoting tosser, but one act like last night's Oscar acceptance speech is worth a thousand missteps. He showed those effete, disinterested, Hollywood time-servers how it's done, as did the other nominees who joined him. Kudos, gentlemen and ladies, kudos.

I see that Suharto-lovin' skank-boy, Greg Sheridan of the The Australian, has attempted to use the suicide bombing that killed ABC cameraman Paul Moran as evidence of a link between Saddam and Al-Qaida. Yeah, Greg, a radical Wahhabi-Islamic Kurdish organisation receiving assistance from Iran, deep within the Northern no-fly zone and surrounded by the Kurdish autonomous region, is working with a secular dictator despised by Kurds and Iranians alike. Nice try. The Murdoch press is stepping up its "Support the war, you Saddam-appeasing commo scum!" campaign, and with only two papers (the Herald and the Canberra Times) against the war and one (the West Australian) taking a wait-and-see approach, that leaves every other print outlet in Australia talking up Operation Iraq Liberty. Well, goody, it's back to business as usual.

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