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Murdoch's Militants

Front page Daily Telegraph today, headline above an Iraqi POW getting a drink from a water canteen held by a US soldier (presumably because our Iraqi friend had his hands restrained):
Capture and Compassion.
In relation to News Limited staff is the word "journalist" really accurate? Would "stenographer" not be closer to the mark?

A British expect featured on BBC World today pointed out that one of the things the third Geneva Convention says you're not supposed to do to POWs is make them the subject of "public curiosity". Well, technically the Geneva Convention also prevents you bombing water-treatment plants, so let's not get too indignant.

The story was about the US holding off on "shock and awe" so a matter of hours has showed how dumb that news-hook was. Here's the redoubtable Alan Ramsay ripping into Howard, and the Murdoch war-spruikers.

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