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Sausage for Breakfast, with Liberals* on Toast

Did my civic duty, voted early. Lots of idiots in the queue who didn't know what electorate they were in. The polling station was shared between Coogee and Vaucluse electorates - Vaucluse is blue-ribbon Liberal* whereas Coogee is Labor-leaning but not with certainty. So only those of us in Coogee will actually cast a vote that counts. Odd to think that living on the south side of Bondi Road rather than the north makes all the difference between being someone who counts and a safe seat loser - isn't regionally-based representative democracy wonderful?

You haven't voted properly in this country until you've picked up your barbecued sausage from the school fundraisers, so I did although I'd only just had breakfast. Given that education funding was a big issue in this election (this election that nobody gives a rat's arse about, what with the war and all), I wonder what Bob Carr thinks about all the polling stations at schools including a hands-on illustration of how our educators need to scrounge for cash. Not that it would make the slightest difference - the Coalition† are toast.

* non-Aussies, FYI, the Liberal Party of Australia are the local equivalent of the British Conservatives, or the US Republicans (well, actually nobody in this country is as right-wing as the Republicans, but near enough)
† Liberals plus the National Party (rural conservatives)

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