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These People are Beyond Parody

Yesterday, I watched reams of footage of Iraqi POWs, including a roving commentary from some cretin on NBC (?) wandering about in the desert bugging some of them while they huddled on the ground under a blanket each trying to get some kip. "Look, at this guy, he's got no shoes. These rations are ours, we gave him those." They're in all the news reports, on the front pages of newspapers, their faces shown again and again on the pointlessly repetitive continuous-coverage stations, not once have I seen their features disguised.

And then we get this farce:
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Richard Myers saw the footage [of US POWs] and reacted with "steely anger" over the treatment of the captured soldiers, saying that videotaping prisoners was a violation of the Geneva Conventions, ABCNEWS' McWethy reported.
We'll see if Rummy bothers to pass that information along to his "embedded" media drones.

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