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Lynne Cheney Has A Glass Leg

I understand April 1st is to be International Make Fun of Lynne and Dick Cheney Day. I'm not sure if this is April 1st "Absolut" or the U.S. April 1st which those wacky Americans celebrate on April 2nd. I know only one Dick Cheney joke, and it actually makes fun of other people:
How do you know if Dick Cheney is lying?
George W. Bush's lips move.

How do you know if George W. Bush is lying?
Tony Blair's lips move.

How do you know if George W. Bush's arse is lying?
John Howard's lips move.
The original riff on "How do you know if _______ is lying? His lips move." was my "How do you know if Rupert Murdoch is lying? Piers Akerman's lips move." but outside Australia almost no-one knows who Piers Akerman is, half their luck, hence the internationalised triptych above.

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